A house or flat will generally be the most expensive purchase of your life and you should know its condition. A survey report will give the information that you need and you may be able to negotiate a reduction of the agreed price.
Building Surveys

A detailed inspection of the property is made by a Chartered Building Surveyor. All visible defects will be reported upon and, where possible, the cause diagnosed and recommendations for repair given. If want to extend or alter the property, tell us about your plans before we carry out the survey and we can give advice on the proposals.

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Home Buyer & Condition Reports

We no longer undertake RICS branded reports. We have developed our own Home Purchase Report that identifies major problems with and comments on overall condition. Our report does not include a valuation. We consider that these reports are more suited to houses and flats built since 1950.

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Report on Building Defects

This provides diagnosis and recommendations for further action reporting on one or two issues at a property, for example roof coverings and structure, structural movement such as subsidence or issues of dampness and dry rot.

Snagging List

A detailed snagging list is often prepared to highlight defects in a new property, which can then be given to the developer for him to rectify or in order to renegotiate the price of the property.


We do not undertake market valuations.

Reinstatement Costs

For an extra charge we can provide an estimate of building reinstatement costs for insurance purposes with a Building Survey and Home Purchase Report. Separate Reinstatement Cost Reports can also be prepared for any building.