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Defect Analysis

Areas that we have found most likely to fail on commercial buildings relate to roof coverings, associated areas and rainwater disposal.  Early attention and analysis of the defect will prevent loss of usable work or sales space.

Fractures in walls and differential movement of sections of the building structure can cause concern, but in commercial buildings the consequences of these tend to be more cosmetic although we recommend a report to ensure that there are no underlying structural failures causing the cracks.

More modern buildings can suffer from failure of the external envelope including claddings and roof coverings, and further investigation, opening up and testing may be needed to establish the causes.

Older buildings are of course more vulnerable to component failure as a result of age and weathering.  Maintenance plans for buildings can be prepared so that expenditure is better planned.

Leases also need to be examined to establish whether it is the landlord or tenant who is responsible for repair and if the defects have an impact on any repair or dilapidation liabilities.

Commercial Building Defect Report Example