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Carter Fielding’s Surveyors have dealt with hundreds of party wall disputes in Surrey, London and the South-East.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 gives property owners rights to do work to the party wall (shared wall) and when excavating or building close to the boundary line. It also provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. David Whitehouse and James Peck are experienced practitioners in this specialist aspect of surveying.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996:Guidance published by the Department for Communities and Local Government gives further information.

Building Owner

We assess the proposals and advise on the Notices to be served and the need for any further drawings or information that might be needed. We will also identify the Adjoining Owner should this be necessary. The necessary Notices are then prepared and submitted to the Adjoining Owner following which records of the condition of neighbours’ buildings, party walls and adjacent areas are produced. If required we will prepare an Award and agree detailed terms with the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor or act as Agreed Surveyor if appointed. Should any problems arise during the work, we will re-inspect the property and advise on the appropriate action to be taken. For an evaluation of party wall matters, please send a set of proposed drawings. Dependent on our advice, a fee may be chargeable.

Adjoining Owner

We examine the drawings and notices served by the Building Owner to ensure that they are valid and consider the impact the scheme will have on your property. We will visit your property to assess the risks from the proposed work, examine the building to prepare a record of the condition with the Building Owner’s Surveyor and negotiate the Party Wall Award.

On completion of the work we will re-inspect your property to ensure compliance with the Award and if notified of problems during the course of the building work we will inspect and take the appropriate action. For an evaluation of party wall matters, please forward copies of the Notices and any accompanying drawings and we will advise on the best course of action.

Agreed Surveyor

Often an owner wants to protect his property, but does not object to the proposals and will be happy for us to act as the Agreed Surveyor after receiving the Party Wall Notices. This involves assessing the construction and its affect on the adjoining building, the preparation of a record of condition and Party Wall Award. On completion a further inspection is carried out if required to assess if there has been any damage.


Crane oversail, access and scaffold licences

We inspect proposed drawings and advise on affected areas and drawings or other information needed. Where required, a Schedule of Condition and photographs is prepared and a Licence agreed with the neighbour, surveyor or solicitors.

Access to Neighbouring Land Act

This gives a landowner the right to carry out maintenance to his property from a neighbour’s land. Advice can be given on how to obtain access if a neighbour objects to the proposals

Adjoining Owners

Often an adjoining owner only becomes aware of their neighbour’s proposed works when a party wall notice lands on their door mat. An adjoining owner has the option to either consent or dissent to the notice – if no response is made within 14 days the adjoining owner is deemed to have dissented and the parties are ‘in dispute’ under the Act.

Adjoining Owners

Building Owners

An owner planning to undertake works that fall within the scope of the Act should start planning early; notice periods are either 1 and 2 months depending upon the type of work but where complex works are to be undertaken it can take longer than that for an award to be agreed.

Building Owners


Extending in to a basement or underpinning a party wall is considered high risk work and the associated party wall procedures tend to be more complicated than for ground based extensions of loft conversions.