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Residential Property

Carter Fielding is a Building Surveying practice with its head office in Kingston-upon-Thames and local offices in Kensington and Leatherhead. The practice has been established in the South West London and Surrey area for over 25 years.

During that time our surveyors have inspected buildings of all shapes and sizes and know the differing forms of construction and the problems that can arise.  For example roofs can be covered with man-made or artificial slate, clay or concrete tiles, thatch, asphalt, felt, lead, zinc, single sheet membranes and glass fibre.  All have their own advantages and disadvantages and often it is work that has been done over the years that is the problem, rather than the original materials, although as time passes all building materials weather and deteriorate.

As a result of their experience, our surveyors can consider the issues and reflect in their reports on the severity of a particular defect.  The conclusion will range from no work needed through monitoring and further investigation to planed or urgent repair being needed.

Our Building Surveyors, Architectural and Structural Design teams work together to prepare drawings and specifications for work to enable our clients to achieve the desired changes to their buildings.  This can range from extensions and remodelling through to major refurbishment of Listed Buildings and estate planning.  We have also designed new houses for private use and developer clients.

As part of our service, measured drawings can be prepared and advice given on Planning, Building Regulations, Party Walls and other statutory matters.

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Party Walls

Carter Fielding’s Surveyors have dealt with hundreds of party wall and related work in central, south and west London and Surrey. We assess the proposals and advise on the notices to be served and the need for any further drawings or information that might be needed.

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Survey Reports

A building can be a costly responsibility and you should know its condition and potential drawbacks before purchase or agreeing to lease. A survey report will give the information that you need and you may be able to negotiate a reduction of the agreed price or rent.

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Historic Buildings

Listed and historic buildings need comprehensive knowledge of traditional materials and building techniques. At Carter Fielding, our experience enables us to identify different construction methods and materials used in older buildings.

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Building Surveying

We act for individual owners, block management companies and managing agents to prepare maintenance schedules giving details of work required, costs and timing. We also arrange for post-dilapidation repairs and improvements to the interior of buildings