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Residential Building Surveying

Building surveying - homes and property

More detailed advice and guidance is given on individual projects to ensure a successful outcome. The range of advice given includes:

Maintenance and Improvements

We act for individual owners, block management companies and managing agents to prepare maintenance schedules giving details of work required, costs and timing.

Specifications for work such as roof renewal, concrete repair, exterior upgrades such as curtain walling, balcony renewal and general decoration are prepared, quotations obtained and the work inspected as it proceeds.

Development Monitoring

Assisting owners of newly built houses, our service includes the following, but may be more detailed to fit the client’s needs:

Monitoring the building contract works and reporting on compliance with the building contract.

Preparing monthly status reports on progress, costs of the building works, visiting site and reporting on quality standards against design proposals and monitoring defects.

Authorising payments to the building contractor.

Monitoring and reporting on approvals obtained from the local authority, building control and planning authorities.