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Historic Buildings

Historic Building Surveys

Surveyors advising on Listed and Historic Buildings have a wide knowledge of traditional materials and building techniques.

A Listed Building in particular can be a very costly responsibility and you should know its condition and potential drawbacks before purchase or agreeing to lease. A survey report will give the information that you need and can be used as a basis for negotiation with the vendor or landlord.

It is important for you to be aware of any deficiencies in the building and how these affect future use and any liabilities you might have during, or at the end of, the lease.

Our house and flat surveys are tailored to your requirements and can be prepared for pre-purchase, condition and disposal uses.

Building Surveys

A detailed inspection of the property is made by a Chartered Building Surveyor. All visible defects will be reported upon and, where possible, the cause diagnosed and recommendations for repair given.

The existing construction is examined in detail so that any recommended repairs are suitable for use with historic building materials and techniques.

If you want to extend or alter the property, tell us about your plans before we carry out the survey and we can give advice on the proposals.

As part of Carter Fielding’s service, we:

  • Assess the needs of the client;
  • Consider the extent of the investigations to be made, advise on the limitations of the agreed inspection and obtain instructions for any additional services required, such as detailed inspections and reports on building services installations; and
  • Undertake an impartial and professional assessment of the property and its condition, and report in detail to provide a balanced professional opinion

Reports on Specific Defects

Failure to maintain buildings often has significant consequences on condition and performance resulting in expensive and disruptive emergency maintenance. We have strong technical knowledge of historic building construction, component failures and appropriate repair techniques. Our inspections diagnose defects, specify repairs and give maintenance advice on which cost effective decisions can be made.

Design & Maintenance

Cater Fielding design extensions and remodelling to improve the accommodation layout and comply with Listed Building and Building Regulations requirements.

We specify the necessary repairs to retain as much of the existing structure as possible and to ensure that all work to older buildings is carried out in a sympathetic manner, for example timber frames, hand-made bricks and tiles, roofs and joinery.